Here in the Bay Area, ants are a year round battle. Home Owners often find trails of them or random scouts searching for food and water. They are relentless and can be hard to control without the proper knowledge of their behavior and inability to locate a nesting site.

Ant colonies are found in landscapes near and around the home and have even been found under the home in its sub-area. Sometimes, in extreme cases, ant colonies will nest in the attic, using insulation as harborage.

Other companies often will not even go in sub areas or attics and instead of finding the source of the problem, opt to kick up the strength of the chemical or suggest having the property sprayed more often while still never addressing the source of the problem.
Spiders are beneficial in that they eat other insects but are considered pests when in the home because they can bite. In order to solve the problem inside, a perimeter and landscape spray is used to control their populations in addition to cleaning up the webs and spraying inside the home if necessary.

Black widow spiders on the other hand, are dangerous and should always be removed, especially when kids and pets are around.
Fleas are excellent survivors that can go a long time without a blood meal. Fleas are noticed when a home owner or pet is bit, creating a raised itchy area on the skin.    

Fleas feed on blood, requiring a meal to advance to its next instar (life cycle). Bites are usually below the knee but in bad infestations can be found all over.

Due to their life cycle, follow up treatments are needed because of the fleas pupae stage being resistant to chemical. With cooperation with the home owner, control can be achieved both inside the home and out.
These insects are gross little efficient survivors. The most common type of roach we see inside homes and restaurants are the German cockroach. They are usually associated with an unclean environment.   

They reproduce quickly but with the cooperation of the homeowner can be dispatched.  

Roaches can also be brought into the home unknowingly in boxes, papers, or even used electronic appliances. One single female roach could produce near 400 offspring in one year. Call a professional when handling roaches.
Ticks are closely related to spiders but require a blood meal from a host to survive. Pets are usually the first to meet them as the tick waits for a passerby to latch on to.    

The East Bay has many deer and other wild animals that make their way onto a homeowner's property and are often the source of the ticks. Ticks are associated with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

A perimeter outside spray including shrubs, lower branches on trees and trails is needed to help control populations.