Honey Bees
Honey Bees are a beneficial insect to humans. They pollinate and ensure the survival of many species of plants all while producing delicious honey.  

Unfortunately, they can often nest near or in human dwellings, stinging humans who appear to be a threat to them. This is where a pest control technician is needed to address the problem.

Honey bees are social insects and can number in the thousands. Swarms are usually seen in late Spring/early Summer and again in the fall.  

It can be quite shocking to see as literally tens of thousands of bees darken the skies in search of a suitable nesting site to establish.
Yellow Jackets
DarrenUnlike honey bees, which are viewed as beneficial, yellow jackets are viewed as a pest/nuisance, especially when near homes or in areas frequented by humans.  

This is because of their aggressive behavior and ability to sting multiple times. I was stung 3 times in the span of 13 days, so i can attest to this!  I was unknowingly by a yellow jacket nest on 2 of the 3 occasions, and was attacked for just being near them. Both times I was stung on my left ear. The third time, I was stung above my left eye. My eye was swollen shut for days!

The sting is painful and often times children and pets can be victim to their attacks. September in particular has always been a time where we see lots of calls but they are active during warm weather in general.  

Let a professional take care of them, don't try to handle it yourself or learn the hard way! Often, they'll come back even if you think you did a thorough job of exterminating them.
paper wasp
Paper Wasp
Are usually noticed by a homeowner when they discover their nests in a sheltered area.  The eaves of a house, the branches of a tree, or in a shed are common places.  

The nests, when small, appear to be in the shape of an umbrella but can grow quite large over time.

Paper wasps are aggressive when disturbed.